Have Your Contracts Reviewed

Have Your Contracts Reviewed

If you have not had your business contracts reviewed by an NYC business lawyer for a while (over a year), you should seriously consider doing so now.

First, even if you had your current lawyer (with whom you no doubt have an excellent working relationship and whose expertise and advice you trust without question) prepare those contracts, your current lawyer could have a slightly different perspective today than they did a year ago and they may think that certain important things should be added or removed.

Second, if you do not presently have an ongoing relationship with the lawyer who drafted those contracts, you should definitely consider having that lawyer or a new lawyer review the contracts for the same reasons as stated above, and because it may be that the lawyer who drafted your contracts did not draft them as well as they could have been, particularly if that lawyer does not specialize in business transactions.

It is impossible for me to state how many times I have looked at clients’ existing boiler plates and noted missing provisions, extraneous provisions, and internal inconsistencies, among other things.  And, regardless, it is simply important to go back and review to ensure that your contracts are consistent with the present state of the law and with the present needs of your business.

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